The recent cost increase of raw materials and labor has been taking a bite out of the bottom line of manufacturers and importers worldwide.
Since not all cost increases can be passed down to consumers.
Importers, brand owners, and managers are trying out every idea in their toolbox to deal with high production costs and reduced net profits.

One way to offset production cost increases is by reducing inbound air freight costs from the U.S.
Import cost (air freight) is one area that doesn’t come to mind immediately when controlling costs. Generally, Importers deal with the same freight forwarder/ customs broker
For a long time and are not comfortable changing horses midstream. As a result, they end up paying up to fifty percent more than necessary on air freight charges.

The good news is you don’t need to change horses midstream to save money on Air freight. You can have your existing customs broker familiar with your business needs,
Use FIJI Freight Logistics to handle your air freight at a lower cost.
As an importer/brand owner, you decide who ships your cargo from your supplier’s door to your facilities.
Try Fiji Freight and enjoy the savings immediately.